Quincy QSI Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The Quincy QSI Rotary Screw Compressor combines around the clock dependability with one of the most efficient positive displacement airends available. Oversized rotors, low RPM’s and the powerSync advanced controller ensures maximum air production using minimum horsepower which means bottom line productivity.

Product Details

Standard Quality Features Deliver Valuable Benefits

  • Asymmetrical rotor profile
  • Triplex discharge bearings
  • Triple-lip shaft seal system with scavenge line
  • Axial flow inlet housing
  • Direct drive with flexible coupling
  • 415 volt @ 50 Hz, IP54 motor
  • Wye-delta reduced voltage starter
  • Heavy-duty steel-based frame, totally enclosed
  • Positive closure inlet modulation valve
  • Full flow spin-on fluid filter
  • 2 stage high efficiency air/fluid separation system
  • Air cooled fluid cooler and aftercooler
  • Moisture separator with automatic and manual drains
  • PLC intelligent control system, auto-dual/ continuous run/network (6 machines)
  • QuinSyn-Plus ® long life synthetic compressor fluid

Protective Devices

  • Emergency stop button
  • Dual probe, high air/fluid temperature shutdown system
  • High pressure shutdown
  • High pressure relief valve
  • Safety fluid fill cap
  • Control line filter


  • Water cooled fluid cooler and aftercooler
  • Gauge control system
  • 6” touchscreen PLC intelligent control system, network up to 16 compressors


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