Air piping installation

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Many compressed air systems require piping lines to be installed to distribute the compressed air to the utilisation points.

At COMPRESSORS AUSTRALIA, we have expertise in designing air piping systems that will suit your need, and optimise the required output from your system. Our experience in air piping installation allows you to rest assured that your system works in the most effective and efficient manner for your application

We utilise PE100 Polyethylene and Legris Transair Aluminium and compressed air piping manufactured to Australian Standards, which is available in various sizes ranging from 15mm to 110mm

Benefits Associated with PE100 Piping;

  • Light weight PE100 piping facilitates quick and easy installation, combined with the benefits of pre-fabrication, this enables installation costs to be reduced
  • Corrosion Resistance – PE100 will not corrode unlike metallic pipework
  • Chemical Resistance – PE100 has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for use in contact with compressor oils
  • Impact Resistance – PE100 has high impact strength which maximises resistance to external damage
  • Thermal Insulator – Minimises variation in compressed air temperature and thus pressure variations
  • Fracture Resistant – High resistances to facture means the PE100 will present minimal hazard in the event of accidental damage and the pipe system would not normally require additional protection
  • Low Noise/Vibrant Transmission – PE100 pipes with their flexibility will not transmit vibrations to other structures

Benefits Associated with Legris Transair Aluminium Piping

  • Lightweight innovative Legris Transiar aluminium piping technology enables rapid and easy assembly with optimum safety coefficient.
  • Components guaranteed for 10 years
  • Quick assembly – no need to weld, glue or crimp
  • High resistance to corrosion, aggressive environments, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and UV
  • Completely Adaptable – Dismountable and reusable components
  • Non-Flammable materials

As well as designing and installing air piping for your applications, we are also able to provide servicing and repairs to the piping system, including connectors, valves & fittings. We supply premium quality parts and accessories for compressed air systems, to enable your application to achieve maximum performance.

Whether you require maintenance or upgrade of an existing air piping system, or a new compressed air distribution system installation, we can provide the right compressed air solution for you.