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Compressors Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated Air Compressor Supply and Maintenance Company providing fast local support with many years of exceptional industry knowledge.

From our sales & service branches located in Victoria and Queensland along with our authorized distributor network Compressors Australia specialize in all facets from on-site service & repairs with highly qualified technicians to the supply and installation of complete compressed air systems to suit our client’s requirements.

Compressors Australia formed a partnership with ELGi & Quincy Compressors to provide the high quality workmanship in Rotary Screw, Reciprocating Piston, Portable Diesel, and Oil Free Air Compressors backed with a complete range of Compressed Air Filtration to suit a wide range of applications in areas ranging from; Mining, Defence, Transport, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Oil & Gas, Construction, Railways, Chemicals, Textiles, Printing, Ship Building, Paper, Electronics, Telecommunications, Medical, Plastics, and Food, Beverage & more.

ELGi and Quincy’s global presence has been a result of international customers recognising both companies as purveyors of technology superior products.
Today ELGi & Quincy have a presence in all the major markets across the world covering Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia, Middle East, South East Asia, West Asia and the Far East.

ELGi & Quincy’s expertise in compressed air technology is backed by a large manufacturing base which gives a definite competitive advantage.
ELGi & Quincy’s products are available through Compressors Australia’s highly experienced and motivated team with the necessary expertise to support and educate the end user on the effective use and maintenance of the product.

ELGi & Quincy also have a reputation of taking up challenges to offer custom engineered products to meet specialized requirements. At Compressors Australia we consistently partner with client’s to understand your needs and provide solutions tailor-made to your specific requirement along with providing 24 hour customer support.

For us it’s about attitude, product knowledge and client relationships that secures our founding as ‘The Right Compressed Air Solution’.

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