Line Filter Replacement Element


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Replacement Filter Element
Fits Airflux Line Filter – various sizes available.

If you need assistance selecting the correct size, please send us a message or give us a call.


Airflux Microfilter has been tested to ensure that all of
them are in compliance with compressed air requirements and safety.
Airflux Microfilter is coated with epoxy powder paint on the outside and
anodized surface treatment on the inside for maximum corrosion
protection and to extend its lifetime.


Airflux Microfilter adopts simple and reliable design. The
filter housing is designed with a push on element for easy and fast
replacement with minimum free space under the filter without tie rod.
Airflux Microfilter is designed without the tie rod to avoid these
following problems:

  • The wearing out of threads on both the endcaps and tie rods preventing replacement possibilities.
  • Leaking and by-passing due to improper tie rod installation.
  • An Increase of airflow resistance due to the tie rod.

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